Original Illustrated Pet Poem Prints

These are my watercolor pet poem prints. Each are 11" x 14" so that they will fit in a ready made frame.  You can find them at my Etsy store.



There is a viewing forum (set to music) to leisurly browse through my poems at:



I also have stuffed pet toys that go through the washing cycle quite well I'm told.  My pet carrier pads are unique.  For the most special of little girl pets, please check out the pink and white faux fur backed princess pad with embroidered stars.  You can visit my art website to see some client's pet photos that I've turned into abstract art.



"Maggie." A long distance friend's dog with a copy of my "Song Of A Dog" poem.

"Cat Smirks." This poem is spoken by a cat relating all of the oddities that they possess.

"Song Of A Dog." This poem is written about and spoken by a rescue dog.

"Three Parrots." A poem written about the difficulties sometimes in living with these marvelous creatures. Spoken by an owner. Me!